Latest Release, 3.1 rev 1507231015, 23 July 2015


3.1 rev 1507231015 (23 July 2015)

Fixed issues relating to hoverIntentDelay and lazyLoadZoom options

3.1 rev 1503111050 (11 March 2015)

Fixed issue where image error event was not triggering all the time.

Added propagateTouchEvents property to allow touch event to bubble, allowing your own handlers to trap them.

3.1 rev 1502121350 (12 February 2015)

When gallery elements were anchor elements, Cloud Zoom stopped the propagation of click events to prevent the link's default behaviour from changing the page URL.

If you want the event to propagate, you can now specify  propagateGalleryEvent:true which will pass the click event through to your own handler. You will of course have to prevent default link behaviour to avoid the page changing.

3.1 rev 1501201245 (20 January 2015)


Further tweaks that may help sites showing partial image issues due to bugs in FireFox 35.0

Note: this bug is already fixed in FireFox 36.0 Beta, due for release in February.

3.1 rev 1501181130 (18 January 2015)

Partial solution for some sites relating to a bug in FireFox 35.0, where large zoom images appear to only partially load in some circumstances.

Mozilla have already fixed this in FireFox 36.0 due in February.

Mozilla have no workarounds unfortunately. You can test your site on FireFox 36.0 here:

3.1 rev 1410150700 (15 October 2014)

Fixed issue of image save menu appearing on Android devices when using touchStartDelay option.

touchStartDelay is now boolean only option.

Fixed issue of error event not triggering on image load failed.

Fixed issue of dom elements not being cleaned up if loading of images failed.

3.1 rev 140930060 (30 September 2014)

Fixed issues and inconsistencies between devices relating to touch, in particular the  touchStartDelay option. Improved touch-handling on Windows devices. 

3.1 rev 1409231200 (23 September 2014)

Fixed issue of loading icon appearing in wrong place.

Fixed issue of autoInside /  disableOnScreenWidth sometimes not registering page size changes on iOS

3.1 rev 1409091635 (9 September 2014)

Added appendSelector property to allow Cloud Zoom elements to be added to an element other than body.

Significant performance improvements on Android Chrome.

3.1 rev 1407211130 (21 July 2014)

Fixed issue when using zoomPosition: selector mode. If element referenced by selector was position: fixed, the zoom window would not remain in the same position as element.

Fixed issue where Pinterest plugin for Chrome was displaying pinit icon in strange, random positions if using zoomPosition: 'inside'.

3.1 rev 1405291330

Added new touchStartDelay property.

This allows you to specify a delay in milliseconds before touching the image triggers the zoom. This is useful on small devices where the image occupies the full screen width and you still want vertical scrolling to work.

So, touchStartDelay:250 would mean the image has to be touched and held for 1/4 second before the zoom opens.

3.1 rev 1404081640

Added new disableOnScreenWidth property. Allows Cloud Zoom to disable itself if less than or equal a particular page width.

This is useful for mobile devices where you don't want the zoom to be active. Gallery elements will still work and change the image.

3.1 rev 1401150900

Fixes bug where zoom image was not displayed properly if CSS in page had the following:

img { max-width:100% !important; }, typically in some responsive layouts.


Cloud Zoom expects the small image and zoom image to have the same proportions. This is so Cloud Zoom can precisely map the lens to the zoom image, thus showing the correct portion of the zoom image inside the zoom window.

However, users may have a situation where the two images are not the same proportions. This latest release solves the issue of the zoom image appearing distorted in those circumstances.

While the lens mapping may not be 100% accurate on disproportional images, unless there is a big difference between the two, then it is unlikely to be noticed and better than seeing distorted images.

Note: you are still strongly advised to use images of the same proportions that are identical in terms of what they show, as their may be other undesirable effects such as seeing the edges of the zoom image within the zoom window.

3.1 rev 1312051822

Resolves issues relating to occasional cached images not loading on IE11 and Chrome 31 OSX after soft page refresh or back-button reload.